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* Fix build.Owen Lin2012-05-221-1/+1
* Add a new state uploading to UploadedTexture.Owen Lin2012-05-221-14/+14
* Use View.setSystemUiVisibility to enter/leave lights-out mode.Chih-Chung Chang2012-05-172-0/+2
* Add freeze/unfreeze for GLRootView.Chih-Chung Chang2012-05-102-0/+4
* Better orientation change handling.Chih-Chung Chang2012-05-082-2/+10
* Add support to draw on texture.Owen Lin2012-05-021-0/+2
* Support drawing in different orientation in Gallery.Chih-Chung Chang2012-04-302-0/+2
* Remove Position and PositionRepository.Owen Lin2012-04-021-2/+0
* Use SurfaceTexture to show Camera preview.Chih-Chung Chang2012-04-022-0/+12
* Remove unused code.Chih-Chung Chang2012-02-235-450/+1
* Reduce memory allocation and make small improvements.Chih-Chung Chang2012-02-221-2/+2
* Cache animation time value to reduce work and synchronize animation.Chih-Chung Chang2012-02-171-20/+0
* Make GLCanvas a bit faster.Chih-Chung Chang2012-02-161-0/+1
* Add profiling tools.Chih-Chung Chang2012-02-141-0/+179
* Fix 5299746: New UI layout, part 2.Chih-Chung Chang2011-09-201-0/+10
* Initial code for Gallery2.Owen Lin2011-08-1824-0/+5730