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* Snap: Cleanup flash iconsMichael Bestas2016-02-172-2/+2
* SnapdragonCamera: Implementing SelfieFlash featureCamera Software Integration2016-02-171-0/+7
* Snap: Separate default focus time between camera/videoSultanxda2016-02-071-1/+1
* Snap: Add focus time support in camcorderMichael Bestas2016-02-071-0/+7
* SnapdragonCamera: Add focus-mode option to camcorderSultanxda2016-02-071-0/+7
* Snap: Add icons to all remaining preferencesjrizzoli2016-01-242-42/+72
* SnapdragonCamera: Add option to control antibanding in camcorderSultanxda2016-01-191-0/+6
* Revert "Camera: Propagate power mode selection from UI to lower layers."Ricardo Cerqueira2016-01-162-12/+0
* Snap: Remove touch AF/AEC optionSteve Kondik2016-01-141-6/+0
* Snap: initial materializationjrizzoli2016-01-092-6/+11
* Snap: add support for shutter speedcodeworkx2016-01-061-0/+7
* Snap: Add touch-to-focus timeout duration settingsjt11342015-09-201-0/+6
* Snap: Remove CAF beautification featureMichael Bestas2015-09-201-25/+0
* Camera2: Add option to set max screen brightnessMichael Bestas2015-09-172-0/+12
* Camera: Powerkey shutter (2/2)Michael Bestas2015-09-172-0/+12
* Camera: separate settings for color effectsjt11342015-09-171-1/+1
* Camera2: implement exposure compensation settings in video modejt11342015-09-171-0/+5
* Camera2: Remove CAF video duration codeMichael Bestas2015-09-171-7/+0
* Merge "SnapdragonCamera: Make video duration icon display."Linux Build Service Account2015-04-021-1/+1
| * SnapdragonCamera: Make video duration icon display.likaid2015-03-191-1/+1
* | SnapdragonCamera: Add beautification feature to SnapdragonCamera.Zhang Zhenzhen2015-03-231-0/+25
* SnapdragonCamera: Set highest supported video resolution by default.Sai Kumar Sanagavarapu2015-02-271-1/+0
* SnapdragonCamera: Modify SnapdragonCamera UIByunghun Jeon2014-11-172-19/+40
* SnapdragonCamera: Add support for manual 3A params.Sai Kumar Sanagavarapu2014-11-071-0/+21
* Camera2: Add See More feature in the menuSanthosh Kumar Thimmanna Bhattar2014-10-271-0/+6
* SnapdragonCamera: Add support for CDS and TNR settingsDimitar Borisov2014-09-302-0/+24
* SnapdragonCamera: Add HDR need 1x menu selectionIvan Evlogiev2014-09-111-0/+7
* Camera: Add support for video rotationApurva Rajguru2014-09-031-0/+6
* SnapdragonCamera: Add HDR mode menu selectionIvan Evlogiev2014-08-211-0/+7
* Rename module and package name to co-exist with AOSP appSachin Shah2014-08-162-2/+2
* Camera2: Adding support for Auto HDRAbhishek Pant2014-06-061-0/+6
* Camera2: add UI option to on/off longshotFei Zhang2014-04-141-0/+8
* Camera: Add a feature to choose where to store the picture and videoSanthosh Kumar H E2014-02-272-0/+12
* Camera: Add support for UbiFocus, ChromaFlash and OptiZoom.Ajit Singh Solanki2013-12-131-0/+6
* Camera: Add support for setting DISAlok Kediya2013-10-311-0/+6
* Camera: Add support for setting AE Bracketing.Alok Kediya2013-10-311-0/+6
* Camera: Video HDR Feature IntegrationAlok Kediya2013-10-311-0/+6
* Camera : Enable camera and camcorder UI features..Alok Kediya2013-10-312-3/+144
* Camera: Add initial QCom value add features.Alok Kediya2013-10-311-0/+19
* Change icons and code from HQ to HDR+ mode.Sascha Haeberling2013-10-031-7/+7
* Add HDR+ mode strings (to replace HQ mode)Sascha Haeberling2013-10-031-1/+1
* Add HQ option and use it to switch to GCam.Sascha Haeberling2013-09-241-0/+9
* This removes all non-Camera stuff from Camera2.Sascha Haeberling2013-08-065-48/+2
* Set default video quality to the highestDoris Liu2013-07-311-1/+0
* Add more menu options/iconsMichael Kolb2013-04-181-2/+8
* Change labels so that it doesn't clash with PanoUiLib.George Mount2013-04-182-8/+8
* Also, add labels to video menuMichael Kolb2013-04-151-0/+3
* Add menu labelsMichael Kolb2013-04-151-2/+7
* Prepare to switch to panolibsJohn Reck2013-03-151-5/+0
* Update Pano XML tag and permission.Justin Koh2013-03-121-1/+1