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* Fix b/5182741: Add 'Edit' title in the action-bar.Yuli Huang2011-09-141-1/+1
| | | | Change-Id: I3964bfcb23818f2f3f8364475f74b401f7eed097
* Fix b/4643148: Make PhotoEditor integrated into Gallery.Yuli Huang2011-09-131-0/+42
1. Move PhotoEditor code/resources into Gallery for single apk. 2. Change PhotoEditor package to 3. Rename PhotoEditor resources to avoid mess up Gallery resources. 4. Move Doodle effect from fix-effects to color-effects. 5. Update PhotoEditor bottom action-bar background. Change-Id: I1a2f7d27d89a14fe6a0435575b993ed8b75e6bf4