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* Snap: Remove old iconsMichael Bestas2019-10-251-0/+0
* update camera launcher iconAri Sachter-Zeltzer2013-10-161-0/+0
* Camera2 icon update for all resolutions.Kevin Gabayan2013-10-021-0/+0
* Make Up button in filmstrip go to Gallery.Mangesh Ghiware2013-09-181-0/+0
* This removes all non-Camera stuff from Camera2.Sascha Haeberling2013-08-061-0/+0
* Copy camera resources into Gallery2Michael Kolb2013-01-291-0/+0
* Revert "Update gallery launcher icons."Bart Sears2012-09-251-0/+0
* Update gallery launcher icons.Wu-cheng Li2012-07-201-0/+0
* Adding xhdpi version of app icon. Bug: 6596419Christian Robertson2012-06-011-0/+0