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* SnapdragonCamera: Implementing SelfieFlash featureCamera Software Integration2016-02-172-0/+36
* De-uglify menu.Danny Baumann2016-02-159-34/+8
* Snap: Material toastsMichael Bestas2016-02-101-3/+4
* Fix up layout of auto HDR notice and histogram view.Danny Baumann2016-01-201-17/+0
* Remove unused menu indicators code.Danny Baumann2016-01-202-114/+0
* Drop new focus indicator into Camera2.Paul Rohde2016-01-152-0/+8
* CameraActivity: Don't hide navigation barDanny Baumann2016-01-152-1/+3
* Snap: initial materializationjrizzoli2016-01-0910-19/+13
* Snap: Remove CAF beautification featureMichael Bestas2015-09-205-270/+0
* camera: Remove the luma-adaptation seekbarSteve Kondik2015-09-171-10/+0
* Merge fa458f0a64a6b4412912c9177ec0fbeed084a28f on remote branchLinux Build Service Account2015-08-062-0/+2
| * SnapdragonCamera: remove nav bar to enable full screen previewByunghun Jeon2015-08-032-0/+2
* | SnapdragonCamera: Fix DUT flash main menu when open camera.likaid2015-05-161-2/+1
* Merge "SnapdragonCamera: Change the text shadow color on camera sub menu"Linux Build Service Account2015-04-021-1/+1
| * SnapdragonCamera: Change the text shadow color on camera sub menulikaid2015-03-211-1/+1
* | Merge "SnapdragonCamera: The alert dialog's rotation is not right"Linux Build Service Account2015-03-261-0/+73
|\ \
| * | SnapdragonCamera: The alert dialog's rotation is not rightlikaid2015-03-111-0/+73
| |/
* | SnapdragonCamera: Move the files to the correct locationJay Wang2015-03-234-0/+264
* | SnapdragonCamera: Add beautification feature to SnapdragonCamera.Zhang Zhenzhen2015-03-231-0/+6
* Snapdragon: Fix orientation of Prepare panorama dialogByunghun Jeon2015-02-251-0/+29
* SnapdragonCamera: Add FullScreen Preview when in Panoramic shootJay Wang2015-02-091-55/+64
* SnapdragonCamera: fix portrait orientationLikai Ding2015-02-024-28/+34
* SnapdragonCamera: Add Portrait to scene modeByunghun Jeon2015-01-261-42/+0
* SnapdragonCamera: implement refocus featureLikai Ding2015-01-141-0/+68
* Revert "SnapdragonCamera: Add FullScreen Preview when in Panoramic shoot"Jay Wang2015-01-131-23/+81
* SnapdragonCamera: support 4:3 preview on 16:9 screenLikai Ding2015-01-081-0/+4
* Merge "SnapdragonCamera: Fix menu is covered when count down take picture"Linux Build Service Account2015-01-061-4/+4
| * SnapdragonCamera: Fix menu is covered when count down take pictureJing (Mia) Wang2014-12-201-4/+4
* | SnapdragonCamera: Add FullScreen Preview when in Panoramic shootJay Wang2015-01-051-81/+23
* SnapdragonCamera: Use MDP composition instead of GPUByunghun Jeon2014-11-172-110/+109
* SnapdragonCamera: Update UI with new icons and setting menusByunghun Jeon2014-11-172-8/+8
* SnapdragonCamera: Modify SnapdragonCamera UIByunghun Jeon2014-11-179-0/+404
* Camera2: Adding support for Auto HDRAbhishek Pant2014-06-061-0/+6
* Camera2: avoid histogram covering shutter button.Likai Ding2014-05-271-2/+2
* Camera2: Fix histogram cover the capture button issueliangche2014-03-271-1/+1
* Camera2: Added pause button in CamcorderManikanta Kanamarlapudi2014-01-211-3/+18
* Camera: Set the width dynamic to parent from fixed 400pxSuman Mukherjee2013-12-121-1/+2
* Merge remote-tracking branch into merge_branchSanthosh Kumar H E2013-12-065-0/+49
| * Fix the RTL layout in the app's manifest.ztenghui2013-11-051-0/+2
| * gcam: Add placeholder image.Ruben Brunk2013-10-281-0/+29
| * Show a preview cover until real preview is readyDoris Liu2013-10-153-0/+18
* | Camera2: Fix compilation issuesManish Kumar2013-10-311-2/+1
* | Bring skin tone seekbar to front...Santhosh Kumar H E2013-10-311-2/+3
* | Camera: Fix for stretched preview in camera and camcorder...Santhosh Kumar H E2013-10-311-1/+2
* | Camera: Add histogram view to preview framelayoutSanthosh Kumar H E2013-10-311-6/+6
* | Camera : Enable camera and camcorder UI features..Alok Kediya2013-10-311-0/+61
* Fix SRI upside down preview in reverse landscape and reverse portraitDoris Liu2013-10-141-3/+2
* Change keyguard camera layout to show no menu options in indicatorAlan Newberger2013-10-131-2/+2
* Workaround to disable swiping for SRI during captureDoris Liu2013-10-091-0/+1
* Make space for photosphere rendering textErin Dahlgren2013-10-031-1/+0