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* SnapdragonCamera: Support rotation for image review layoutJay Wang2016-05-041-48/+0
* SnapdragonCamera: fix crash with persist.panel.orientationLikai Ding2015-04-022-147/+0
* SnapdragonCamera: Add beautification feature to SnapdragonCamera.Zhang Zhenzhen2015-03-201-0/+4
* SnapdragonCamera: circular thumbnail iconLikai Ding2015-02-171-1/+1
* SnapdragonCamera: fix portrait orientationLikai Ding2015-02-022-160/+17
* Merge "SnapdragonCamera: New shutter Icons"Linux Build Service Account2015-01-231-8/+22
| * SnapdragonCamera: New shutter IconsByunghun Jeon2015-01-201-8/+22
* | Revert "SnapdragonCamera: Add FullScreen Preview when in Panoramic shoot"Jay Wang2015-01-131-34/+102
* SnapdragonCamera: Add FullScreen Preview when in Panoramic shootJay Wang2015-01-051-102/+34
* SnapdragonCamera: Create panoramic layout filesJay Wang2015-01-051-0/+119
* SnapdragonCamera: show how many more pictures can be takenLikai Ding2014-12-221-0/+8
* SnapdragonCamera: Add preview thumbnail buttonByunghun Jeon2014-11-191-12/+3
* SnapdragonCamera: Modify SnapdragonCamera UIByunghun Jeon2014-11-171-48/+98
* Camera2: Enhance KK cameraapp for LChiou-Hao Hsu2014-08-161-2/+2
* adjust keyguard camera layout to make buttons matchAlan Newberger2013-10-151-3/+3
* Add content description to post-capture thumbnail.Sascha Haeberling2013-10-011-1/+2
* Fix SRI UX issues and improve UI efficiencyDoris Liu2013-09-243-156/+33
* Bring back wide angle panorama.Angus Kong2013-09-043-2/+158
* This adds the following four CLs to Camera2:Sascha Haeberling2013-08-061-1/+2
* Remove SRI panoramaDoris Liu2013-06-203-212/+0
* Improve gesture handlingDoris Liu2013-05-311-0/+1
* Fix lockscreen camera widget layoutMichael Kolb2013-05-061-23/+23
* Fix layout and preview for tabletsMichael Kolb2013-05-011-2/+2
* Update capture animationMichael Kolb2013-05-011-0/+7
* Add new indicatorsMichael Kolb2013-04-261-3/+3
* Allow swiping to filmstrip from blocker barDoris Liu2013-04-181-2/+1
* Improve black bar to keep camera controls in placeDoris Liu2013-04-031-3/+3
* Adding switcher background back inDoris Liu2013-03-251-1/+1
* Add a black bar symmetric to nav barDoris Liu2013-03-051-1/+1
* Keep camera controls on the same physical sideDoris Liu2013-03-051-30/+17
* Flatten view hierarchy and rotate viewsDoris Liu2013-03-046-126/+44
* Fix camera setting icons appearing in wrong placeDoris Liu2013-02-082-2/+2
* Copy camera resources into Gallery2Michael Kolb2013-01-2910-0/+536