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* SnapdragonCamera: frame capture pathJack Yoo2016-10-131-24/+112
* SnapdragonCamera: SelfieMirror Camera2Jack Yoo2016-10-131-18/+40
* SnapdragonCamera: Selfie Mirror modeJack Yoo2016-08-161-0/+30
* SnapdragonCamera: FrameProcessorJack Yoo2016-06-012-0/+163
* SnapdragonCamera: Fix compilationJaimin Bhise2015-10-296-4/+12
* Revert "SnapdragonCamera: Improved panorama"Byunghun Jeon2015-08-1282-0/+26468
* SnapdragonCamera: Improved panoramaByunghun Jeon2015-07-3082-26468/+0
* Merge "SnapdragonCamera: fix messy photo in Panorama mode"Linux Build Service Account2015-04-151-1/+1
| * SnapdragonCamera: fix messy photo in Panorama modeLikai Ding2015-03-221-1/+1
* | SnapdragonCamera: fix a panorama memory leakLikai Ding2015-03-311-0/+1
* SnapdragonCamera: Add FullScreen Preview when in Panoramic shootJay Wang2015-02-097-90/+214
* Revert "SnapdragonCamera: Add FullScreen Preview when in Panoramic shoot"Jay Wang2015-01-136-73/+30
* SnapdragonCamera: Add FullScreen Preview when in Panoramic shootJay Wang2015-01-056-30/+73
* SnapdragonCamera: Enable build of local jni librariesLeena Winterrowd2014-08-221-11/+1
* SnapdragonCamera: Fix static library name conflictLeena Winterrowd2014-08-161-2/+2
* Camera2: Fix camera application memory leakGaoxiang Chen2014-04-241-1/+3
* Enlarge the native buffer of wide-angle-pano.Angus Kong2013-09-251-1/+1
* Bring back tiny planet to the Camera filmstripSascha Haeberling2013-09-122-0/+166
* Copy over libjni_mosaic from Camera. We need to support the SRI panoSascha Haeberling2013-08-1481-0/+26185
* Remove two more .mk files. We will add back later.Sascha Haeberling2013-08-061-1/+0
* This removes all non-Camera stuff from Camera2.Sascha Haeberling2013-08-0624-2106/+0
* Remove all .mk files from the cloned Camera2 until the project isSascha Haeberling2013-08-061-52/+0
* Add stop check in ImageFilterFXnicolasroard2013-07-021-4/+4
* tiny planet fixJohn Hoford2013-04-191-0/+1
* add highlight filterJohn Hoford2013-02-214-0/+51
* add movable vignetteJohn Hoford2013-02-191-32/+12
* Improved performance for Kmeans filter.Ruben Brunk2012-12-172-32/+75
* Refactoring: removed unused filters.Ruben Brunk2012-12-132-109/+1
* Added K-Means clustering filter.Ruben Brunk2012-12-133-1/+272
* Added sobel filter for edge function.Ruben Brunk2012-12-122-0/+127
* Added photonegative filter.Ruben Brunk2012-12-122-0/+34
* add support for black and white filters, add rotation API to tiny planetJohn Hoford2012-10-233-4/+61
* Adds a tiny planet (stereographic projection) image filter.Sascha Haeberling2012-10-193-2/+152
* add White balance & disable UI elementsJohn Hoford2012-10-102-0/+170
* add filtersJohn Hoford2012-10-092-0/+89
* Implementing Geometry save operations.Ruben Brunk2012-10-091-32/+116
* Added the rest of the Geometryfilter stubs.Ruben Brunk2012-10-081-2/+66
* add redeye and improve shadow removalJohn Hoford2012-10-086-136/+372
* Added stub for applying geometry flip.Ruben Brunk2012-10-082-3/+40
* add vibrance fix a free in shadowsJohn Hoford2012-10-043-1/+64
* Add Shadow featureJohn Hoford2012-10-024-0/+188
* Fix exposure and fixed warningsJohn Hoford2012-10-015-9/+10
* Add contrast & brightness filtersJohn Hoford2012-09-285-0/+134
* Fix the buildnicolasroard2012-09-261-2/+3
* Initial import of the new image editornicolasroard2012-09-266-0/+357
* Make ndk-build happy for Gallery jni.Teng-Hui Zhu2012-09-111-0/+1
* fix mips buildKeun young Park2012-08-231-7/+1
* Retire LOCAL_NDK_VERSION.Ying Wang2012-08-141-2/+0
* Fixed x86 buildAndrew Hsieh2012-07-231-3/+7
* Fix non-ARM builds - use the proper way to reference librariesJean-Baptiste Queru2012-07-191-2/+3