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* SnapdragonCamera: Disable continuous shot in chroma flash modeweijiew2016-11-241-1/+2
* SnapdragonCamera: Disable color effects when scene mode is non-automaticweijiew2016-11-241-2/+52
* SnapdragonCamera: Continuous shot to YUVJack Yoo2016-11-091-1/+7
* SnapdragonCamera: run-time updates the video encoder listJay Wang2016-11-071-1/+2
* SnapdragonCamera: PanoramaUI and filter changeJack Yoo2016-10-201-0/+3
* SnapdragonCamera: Turn off continuous shot when scene mode is not autoByunghun Jeon2016-10-131-1/+2
* SnapdragonCamera: Enhancing makeup UIJack Yoo2016-10-131-0/+6
* SnapdragonCamera: Add OneUI to Camera2Byunghun Jeon2016-09-271-2/+2
* SnapdragonCamera: Add High Framerate Video captureByunghun Jeon2016-08-161-0/+7
* SnapdragonCamera: Saving MPO and DDM without CSJay Wang2016-07-261-2/+10
* Merge "SnapdragonCamera: Add dependency for dual camera scene" into camera.ln...Camera Software Integration2016-07-191-2/+3
| * SnapdragonCamera: Add dependency for dual camera sceneJay Wang2016-07-071-2/+3
* | SnapdragonCamera: Fix json markingByunghun Jeon2016-07-131-1/+28
* SnapdragonCamera: Use json file to read setting dependencyByunghun Jeon2016-06-291-0/+21