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<!-- The label for the Video Camera activity. [CHAR LIMIT=16] -->
<string name="video_camera_label">Kamera</string>
<!-- Used to format short video duration in Details dialog. minutes:seconds e.g. 00:30 -->
- <string name="details_ms">%1$02d:%2$02d</string>
<!-- Used to format video duration in Details dialog. hours:minutes:seconds e.g. 0:21:30 -->
- <string name="details_hms">%1$d:%2$02d:%3$02d</string>
<!-- Displayed in the title of the dialog for things to do with a picture
that is to be "set as" (e.g. set as contact photo or set as wallpaper) -->
<string name="set_image">Nastavi sliko kot</string>