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Remove CameraUtil.launchGallery, ensure SecureCamera uses Gallery up icon
CameraUtil.launchGallery incorrectly describes a mechanism to call an APP_GALLERY category intent. Since we're using Gallery icon we should go direct to Gallery, which IntentHelper already does. Simply removed the util class and call the helper direct from the activity. Also noticed during testing that the SecureCamera was not correctly showing the Gallery icon, though its behavior would take user to Gallery. Finally, removing restriction that the video player intent should go to Gallery, instead it should route to system preferred intent. Bug: 11065256 Change-Id: I941f9469de169919c4bac6c91dde7e577921f737
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@@ -32,7 +32,6 @@ public class IntentHelper {
public static Intent getVideoPlayerIntent(Context context, Uri uri) {
return new Intent(Intent.ACTION_VIEW)
.setDataAndType(uri, "video/*");