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New loading model
Rename reload() to loadIfDirty() loadIfDirty is implemented by MediaSet and is final loadIfDirty is now blocking instead of async Subclasses must implement two protected methods, isDirtyLocked() and load() The change from async reload() to sync loadIfDirty() should be fine since all users of reload() were doing so from a background thread already, and the longest load() is PicasaAlbumSet which is still a fairly brisk 40ms or so Change-Id: If5cc596a1c13e52e5f4efff1a144bd086d37cfb7
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--- a/src_pd/com/android/gallery3d/picasasource/
+++ b/src_pd/com/android/gallery3d/picasasource/
@@ -67,8 +67,12 @@ public class PicasaSource extends MediaSource {
- public long reload() {
- return mDataVersion;
+ protected boolean isDirtyLocked() {
+ return false;
+ }
+ @Override
+ protected void load() {