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Always apply frame size reduction to panorama pictures
Panorama mode requires quite some memory, especially after the frame num bump done with commit aa0733567c30 ("Make panorama able to go 270 degrees in landscape"). Some devices run out of memory while taking a panorama picture and force close Snap before the picture is complete. We have a config to reduce the memory requirements that reduces the size of each frame, but it's applied only if ro.config.low_ram is true. Bump the default value to 100 and always respect it. Devices having ro.config.low_ram set to true will have to override this config from their device tree. BUGBASH-326 Change-Id: Ic6d24b17b2293adf8d715904c8c1874a4c624e99
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@@ -22,7 +22,7 @@
<!-- This value may be tweaked to save memory on low RAM devices. The value
is the percentage of camera preview height/width to scale to. -->
- <integer name="panorama_frame_size_reduction">90</integer>
+ <integer name="panorama_frame_size_reduction">100</integer>
<!-- This value may be changed to true to enable the warped pano preview overlayed on top
of the fullscreen pano preview. -->