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Snap: Convert "save best" dialog text to a quantity string
* Saving 1 vs saving several can be a different string in other languages (e.g. German: "1 von 10 Bildern wird gespeichert[...]" vs "2 von 10 Bildern werden gespeichert[...]") * Also fixes a missing "be" in the source string ("will _be_ deleted") Change-Id: I0f0a91fa3cd1abe17c9d3eef453c4ed706a6fb25
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diff --git a/res/values/strings.xml b/res/values/strings.xml
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--- a/res/values/strings.xml
+++ b/res/values/strings.xml
@@ -709,11 +709,20 @@ CHAR LIMIT = NONE] -->
<string name="pref_camera2_restore_default">Restore defaults</string>
<string name="pref_camera2_restore_default_hint">Camera settings will be restored to default settings</string>
- <string name="save_best_dialog_content">%1$d of 10 images will be saved and the rest will deleted.</string>
+ <plurals name="save_best_dialog_content">
+ <item quantity="one">%1$d of 10 images will be saved and the rest will be deleted</item>
+ <item quantity="other">%1$d of 10 images will be saved and the rest will be deleted</item>
+ </plurals>
<string name="save_best_dialog_title">Save selected images?</string>
<string name="save_best_dialog_positive_bt">OK</string>
<string name="save_best_dialog_native_bt">Cancel</string>
- <string name="save_best_image_toast">%1$d of 10 images saved.</string>
+ <plurals name="save_best_image_toast">
+ <item quantity="one">%1$d of 10 images saved.</item>
+ <item quantity="other">%1$d of 10 images saved.</item>
+ </plurals>
<string name="dialog_do_not_show">Do not show again</string>
<string name="delete_best_dialog_title">Delete all?</string>
<string name="delete_best_dialog_content">Are you sure you want to delete all 10 pictures taken?</string>