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snap: Add constrained longshot mode
* On the OP3, we can only use Longshot in a single scene mode without conflicting with other built-in postprocessing features which cannot be disabled. Add support for this. When a scene specified in the longshot-scenemodes list is active, continuous shot will be enabled. Change-Id: I79878e5ac918e907ddc5b3ca168e49f4e06656c3
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@@ -62,4 +62,10 @@
<!-- Set this to true to use device manufacturer and model for exif -->
<bool name="override_maker_and_model_tag">false</bool>
+ <!-- A list of scenemodes where Longshot should be enabled.
+ An empty list will use the default restrictions. If defined, longshot
+ will be enabled ONLY for these scenemodes and disabled for others. -->
+ <string-array name="longshot_scenemodes"></string-array>