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SnapdragonCamera: Throw error popup for unsupported video profile.
Check if the quality selected has a matching camcorder profile associated and show error popup if not supported. Change-Id: If3e1e3d62b4e2e9c8c16b9e4a346cbfa93c0f92b
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<!-- The message is shown in dialog when the app encounters an unsupported video resolution-->
<string name="error_app_unsupported">Unsupported video resolution for this encoder type</string>
+ <!-- The message is shown in dialog when the app encounters an unsupported video profile-->
+ <string name="error_app_unsupported_profile">Unsupported video profile</string>
<!--The message is shown in dialog when the raw snapshot is selected in zsl mode-->
<string name="error_app_unsupported_raw">Raw picture format is not supported
in zsl mode, change to JPEG