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Add a hard limit on the size of the widget images.
There is a limit on the size of the data transfered by binder. For now, we just add a hard limit (360 pixel) to ensure the widget's image can be passed by binder. Also adjust the size of widget to make it looks better. Fix a bug in DecodeUtils which cause OOM for a image in size 12200x1920. In that case, we should generate a screen nail of size 640x101 instead of 4066x640. Change-Id: Ia8227d8e5368471fe7af94bf164d67017aa321fa fix: 5273271
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diff --git a/gallerycommon/src/com/android/gallery3d/common/ b/gallerycommon/src/com/android/gallery3d/common/
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--- a/gallerycommon/src/com/android/gallery3d/common/
+++ b/gallerycommon/src/com/android/gallery3d/common/
@@ -85,7 +85,7 @@ public class BitmapUtils {
// minSideLength long. If that's not possible, return 1.
public static int computeSampleSizeLarger(int w, int h,
int minSideLength) {
- int initialSize = Math.min(w / minSideLength, h / minSideLength);
+ int initialSize = Math.max(w / minSideLength, h / minSideLength);
if (initialSize <= 1) return 1;
return initialSize <= 8