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Add the UI elements for video trim activity.
1. Refactored the classes to support both the video play and trim. Now the common code for controller overlay is in CommonControllerOverlay, which is basically the same as the original MovieControllerOverlay without animation. Because in trimming, we don't want to hide all the controller. The specific animations are implemented in the sub-classes which are TrimControllerOverlay and MovieControllerOverlay. At the same time, TrimTimeBar extended TimeBar to support the extra trimming start scrubber and end scrubber. The interface between the timebar and the controllerOverlay are kept almost the same way, except adding the trimming info when necessary. With all these, the activity of TrimVideo now relied on the TrimTimeBar and TrimControllerOverlay. Similarily, the MovieActivity relied on the TimeBar and MovieControllerOverlay. 2. Hook the TrimVideo activity with the trim menu. Note that the icons are temporary for now, still need UX input on that. bug:7093055 Change-Id: Ib9bfbc090106744a569fce4c451ddffc0a2c699b
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@@ -160,6 +160,9 @@ public class ApiHelper {
public static final boolean CAN_USE_FLAG_SECURE =
+ public static final boolean HAS_MEDIA_MUXER =
public static int getIntFieldIfExists(Class<?> klass, String fieldName,
Class<?> obj, int defaultVal) {
try {