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* Fix issue #7448596: Can't uninstall app that was installed by another userDianne Hackborn2012-10-311-0/+1
* Allow side-loading of apps from other users.Dianne Hackborn2012-09-191-1/+1
* Stop advertising support for content:// Uris.Jeff Sharkey2012-08-011-1/+0
* Update themes for PackageInstallerAdam Powell2012-05-231-2/+3
* Change theme back to dark.Dianne Hackborn2012-05-111-1/+1
* New permissions UI.Dianne Hackborn2012-05-031-1/+1
* Don't restart on orientation change.felipeal2012-04-301-1/+1
* am 7d254dff: am 1430ad97: Merge "PackageInstaller : Don\'t restart on orienta...Dianne Hackborn2012-04-241-3/+3
| * PackageInstaller : Don't restart on orientation changeDanesh Mondegarian2012-04-101-3/+3
* | Stop advertising content://-style Uri support.Jeff Sharkey2012-04-161-1/+0
* | Grant READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE.Jeff Sharkey2012-04-161-0/+1
* layout fixes and asset updates to package installerPeter Ng2011-10-171-1/+1
* Implement new extended install/uninstall options.Dianne Hackborn2011-08-101-0/+16
* PackageInstaller doesn't have any data suitable for backup/restoreChristopher Tate2011-07-221-0/+1
* Change theme to DialogWhenLargeKenny Root2011-01-101-1/+2
* Do not show package installer in recent appsKenny Root2011-01-091-2/+4
* Check for activity info when uninstalling.Patrick Dubroy2010-09-031-8/+4
* Use the system standard ButtonBar style as well as the standard medium title ...Jeff Hamilton2010-03-161-4/+8
* Add an original-package tag that matches the real package name.Jeff Hamilton2010-02-111-0/+3
* Ignore orientation changes when installing/uninstallingSuchi Amalapurapu2009-11-121-4/+8
* Clear installer's user data before downloading an app so that we get rid of a...Suchi Amalapurapu2009-09-291-0/+1
* Finish UninstallerActivity after starting subactivity to actually uninstall w...Suchi Amalapurapu2009-09-141-6/+0
* auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843The Android Open Source Project2009-03-031-0/+37
* auto import from //depot/cupcake/@135843The Android Open Source Project2009-03-031-37/+0
* Code drop from //branches/cupcake/...@124589The Android Open Source Project2008-12-171-3/+1
* Initial ContributionThe Android Open Source Project2008-10-211-0/+39