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Implement base version of GrantPermissions dialog
With the Emerald release, we need to support the new permission APIs. This changelist adds a dialog for the Activity.requestPermissions() API so that users can request permissions. This check in is a functional version, but not polished. will need to be a follow up CL to add the correct animations and update the UI to the appropriate redlines. The implementation for the confirmation dialog is modeled after the one in the clockwork libs/Views folder. There are some tweaks to match the designed behavior of the permission dialog. When there's more time in the future, we should try to condense this to one implementation. This is a resubmit without the wearable-support lib. I will figure out how to get that referenced in the next UI pass. BUG: 23118402 Change-Id: Ib2fb94b356aa965b999b3e12726fda86928a963e
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@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ LOCAL_STATIC_JAVA_LIBRARIES += \
android-support-v7-appcompat \
android-support-v14-preference \
android-support-v17-preference-leanback \
- android-support-v17-leanback
+ android-support-v17-leanback \
frameworks/support/v17/leanback/res \