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* Revert "Gallery2: Enable Suspend/Resume"Steve Kondik2015-10-181-8/+33
* Gallery2: Revert DRM featureSteve Kondik2015-10-181-8/+3
* Gallery2 : Uses internal Drm image decoder api in Gallery appParamananda2015-09-151-3/+8
* Reduce logspam in video playeremancebo2015-03-2815-16/+16
* Gallery2: Pause video when dialog showskaiyiz2015-03-111-0/+6
* Gallery2 - Add support to pass in a playlist along with video to playRohit Yengisetty2015-02-192-4/+43
* Gallery2: Enable Suspend/Resumemqi2015-02-121-33/+8
* Gallery2: Set APN setting intent's namekaiyiz2015-01-151-7/+4
* Merge "Gallery2: Play all video file can pre/next in FileExplorer"Linux Build Service Account2014-12-151-0/+28
| * Gallery2: Play all video file can pre/next in FileExplorerkaiyiz2014-12-111-0/+28
* | Gallery2: Gallery force close during Customer Monkey test.kaiyiz2014-12-141-1/+10
* Gallery2: don't pause background music perminentlywjiang2014-11-131-5/+1
* Gallery2: Sign SIM card number for Mobile Data to Settingkaiyiz2014-11-111-2/+15
* Gallery2: Add audio output switcher between headset/speakerkaiyiz2014-11-042-0/+242
* Gallery2: Fix FC while editing streaming settings in Gallerymqi2014-11-041-26/+14
* Gallery2: add some video featuresLikai Ding2014-11-0417-248/+1347
* Gallery2: support live streaming and bookmarksLikai Ding2014-11-0410-1/+2015
* Gallery2: support stereo/single track play modeLikai Ding2014-11-045-1/+231
* Gallery2: support loop/single video play modeLikai Ding2014-11-0410-0/+700