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* Revert "Gallery2: Properly declare the own permissions"Michael Bestas2015-12-191-6/+6
* Gallery2: Properly declare the own permissionsAdrianDC2015-11-191-6/+6
* Gallery2: Revert DRM featureSteve Kondik2015-10-181-1/+0
* Merge branch 'cm-12.1' of git:// Kondik2015-10-171-5/+97
| * Gallery2: Make Gallery2 support OMADRM featureParamananda Pradhan2015-09-151-0/+1
| * Gallery3d : Fix CROP_ACTION for third party appsDanesh M2015-09-141-0/+9
| * Add Storage preference (2/2)Scott Warner2015-05-311-0/+11
| * Revert OMADRM feature.staging/cm-12.1Steve Kondik2015-03-281-1/+0
| * Gallery2: Materializationcretin452015-03-281-5/+5
| * Revert "Gallery2: Grant permission to read/write files of Settings."Jing Wang2015-01-301-1/+0
| * Gallery2: Grant permission to read/write files of Settings.kaiyiz2015-01-281-0/+1
| * Gallery2: Make Gallery2 support OMADRM featureParamananda Pradhan2015-01-201-0/+1
| * Gallery2: add extra mimetypes to gallery manifestlubiny2014-12-011-0/+8
| * Gallery2: Fix file exist in SD card when delete from Gallerykaiyiz2014-11-141-0/+1
| * Gallery2: Add audio output switcher between headset/speakerkaiyiz2014-11-041-0/+18
| * Gallery2: Fix batches of issues in movie effectswjiang2014-11-041-0/+1
| * Gallery2: add some video featuresLikai Ding2014-11-041-1/+5
| * Gallery2: support live streaming and bookmarksLikai Ding2014-11-041-0/+29
| * Gallery2: support GIF animationLikai Ding2014-11-041-0/+10
| * Gallery2: add support for the DASH mimetypeRob Walker2014-11-041-0/+1
* | Gallery2: add support for the DASH mimetypeRob Walker2015-10-061-0/+1
* | Gallery2 app might use cleartext network traffic.Alex Klyubin2015-05-201-1/+2
* | Add an explicit dependency on org.apache.http.legacy.Narayan Kamath2015-02-131-0/+1
* Bring Gallery2 manifest into parity with CROP supportAlan Newberger2014-09-171-3/+0
* Gallery should show up in recents even when run via shortcutAlan Newberger2013-10-311-1/+0
* Fix incorrect usage of getComponentEnabledSetting()Mangesh Ghiware2013-10-081-1/+0
* Revert "Disable GET_CONTENT intent-filter for KLP+"Mangesh Ghiware2013-10-041-16/+12
* Explicitly enable CameraLauncherMangesh Ghiware2013-10-041-0/+1
* Disable GET_CONTENT intent-filter for KLP+Mangesh Ghiware2013-10-031-12/+16
* Rename Gallery activity and add trampolineMangesh Ghiware2013-09-261-2/+13
* Fix style for crop activitynicolasroard2013-09-241-1/+1
* Fix issues with RTL supportnicolasroard2013-09-231-1/+2
* Add (back) receiver to disable camera.Mangesh Ghiware2013-09-221-0/+7
* Use the same taskAffinity for trampoline as CameraMangesh Ghiware2013-09-191-1/+1
* Exclude trampoline activity from RecentsMangesh Ghiware2013-09-091-0/+1
* Add label to CameraLauncher activity-alias.Mangesh Ghiware2013-08-211-0/+1
* Merge "Add the intent filter for video trimming." into gb-ub-photos-carlsbadztenghui2013-08-191-0/+7
| * Add the intent filter for video trimming.ztenghui2013-08-161-0/+7
* | Add a trampoline activity to launch new CameraMangesh Ghiware2013-08-141-0/+15
* Remove Camera from Gallery2.Sascha Haeberling2013-08-081-91/+0
* Add background processing servicenicolasroard2013-07-161-0/+5
* Bump up the version number to 1.1.40030Bart Sears2013-06-271-2/+2
* Fix XML comment.Jeff Sharkey2013-05-281-1/+1
* am a83166df: Bump up the version number to 1.1.40012Bart Sears2013-05-211-2/+2
| * Bump up the version number to 1.1.40012Bart Sears2013-05-201-2/+2
| * Remove new camera activity code from BryceDoris Liu2013-04-251-13/+0
* | Remove new camera activity to avoid build breakageDoris Liu2013-05-081-14/+0
* Bump up the version number to 1.1.40011Bart Sears2013-04-221-2/+2
* Remove photos from gallery2 manifestJohn Reck2013-04-191-23/+11
* Bump up the version number to 1.1.40010Bart Sears2013-04-121-2/+2