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Moving default values into separate files.
Make DefaultCarrierConfigService easier to maintain by moving the values for each network into XML files. It's important to note that this uses assets and not resources. The file for a particular network may depend on more than just the MCC+MNC in the future. Note on the XML document format. This is set by PersistableBundle.restoreFromXml, so there is no option to change it in this CL. Bug: 21618018 Change-Id: Iecfe7009c2aa0f7a9d5814d1f355dfe4190ce912
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+<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' standalone='yes' ?>
+<!-- This is a place for vendor-specific config values. The format and
+ filtering rules are the same as those in carrier_config*.xml files. This
+ file is read after any specific config file from the assets folder, so it
+ must use explicit filters for MCC ad MNC if that is desired. -->
+<carrier_config_list />