== Description ==
This Apache configuration is not only used to host websites like
https://git.replicant.us or https://libsamsung-ipc.replicant.us but
it is also an integral part of Replicant itself.

This is because it contains many http redirect rules that are
necessary for fetching the Replicant source code:
- Repositories are sometimes moved around for various reasons
  and the compatibility with older Replicant versions is kept
  with redirect rules.
- Some repositories mirrors like AOSP need to be redirected,
  otherwise they would have to be renamed in the manifest
  repository. Keeping them as-is enables us to automatically
  integrate newer upstream changes. Without that git rebases
  would often break, which would require us to manually
  integrate upstream's changes instead.

== Distributions ==
Currently, Trisquel 10 is being used with that configuration.

== License ==
The license of all the files is the AGPLv3 or later.