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Merge tag 'docs-5.2' of git://git.lwn.net/linux
Pull documentation updates from Jonathan Corbet: "A reasonably busy cycle for docs, including: - Lots of work on the Chinese and Italian translations - Some license-rules clarifications from Christoph - Various build-script fixes - A new document on memory models - RST conversion of the live-patching docs - The usual collection of typo fixes and corrections" * tag 'docs-5.2' of git://git.lwn.net/linux: (140 commits) docs/livepatch: Unify style of livepatch documentation in the ReST format docs: livepatch: convert docs to ReST and rename to *.rst scripts/documentation-file-ref-check: detect broken :doc:`foo` scripts/documentation-file-ref-check: don't parse Next/ dir LICENSES: Rename other to deprecated LICENSES: Clearly mark dual license only licenses docs: Don't reference the ZLib license in license-rules.rst docs/vm: Minor editorial changes in the THP and hugetlbfs docs/vm: add documentation of memory models doc:it_IT: translation alignment doc: fix typo in PGP guide dontdiff: update with Kconfig build artifacts docs/zh_CN: fix typos in 1.Intro.rst file docs/zh_CN: redirect CoC docs to Chinese version doc: mm: migration doesn't use FOLL_SPLIT anymore docs: doc-guide: remove the extension from .rst files doc: kselftest: Fix KBUILD_OUTPUT usage instructions docs: trace: fix some Sphinx warnings docs: speculation.txt: mark example blocks as such docs: ntb.txt: add blank lines to clean up some Sphinx warnings ...
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@@ -61,6 +61,10 @@ Protocol 2.12: (Kernel 3.8) Added the xloadflags field and extension fields
to struct boot_params for loading bzImage and ramdisk
above 4G in 64bit.
+Protocol 2.13: (Kernel 3.14) Support 32- and 64-bit flags being set in
+ xloadflags to support booting a 64-bit kernel from 32-bit
The traditional memory map for the kernel loader, used for Image or