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@@ -136,38 +136,6 @@ a high functionality RTC is integrated into the SOC. That system might read
the system clock from the discrete RTC, but use the integrated one for all
other tasks, because of its greater functionality.
-SYSFS interface
-The sysfs interface under /sys/class/rtc/rtcN provides access to various
-rtc attributes without requiring the use of ioctls. All dates and times
-are in the RTC's timezone, rather than in system time.
-================ ==============================================================
-date RTC-provided date
-hctosys 1 if the RTC provided the system time at boot via the
- CONFIG_RTC_HCTOSYS kernel option, 0 otherwise
-max_user_freq The maximum interrupt rate an unprivileged user may request
- from this RTC.
-name The name of the RTC corresponding to this sysfs directory
-since_epoch The number of seconds since the epoch according to the RTC
-time RTC-provided time
-wakealarm The time at which the clock will generate a system wakeup
- event. This is a one shot wakeup event, so must be reset
- after wake if a daily wakeup is required. Format is seconds
- since the epoch by default, or if there's a leading +, seconds
- in the future, or if there is a leading +=, seconds ahead of
- the current alarm.
-offset The amount which the rtc clock has been adjusted in firmware.
- Visible only if the driver supports clock offset adjustment.
- The unit is parts per billion, i.e. The number of clock ticks
- which are added to or removed from the rtc's base clock per
- billion ticks. A positive value makes a day pass more slowly,
- longer, and a negative value makes a day pass more quickly.
-*/nvmem The non volatile storage exported as a raw file, as described
- in Documentation/nvmem/nvmem.txt
-================ ==============================================================
IOCTL interface