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Merge tag '4.4-additional' of git://git.lwn.net/linux
Pull more documentation updates from Jon Corbet: "A few more documentation patches that wandered in and have no reason to wait; these include some improvements to the suggestions for email clients and patch submission" * tag '4.4-additional' of git://git.lwn.net/linux: Documentation: Add minimal Mutt config for using Gmail Documentation: Add note on sending files directly with Mutt Documentation: dontdiff: remove media from dontdiff Documentation/SubmittingPatches: discuss In-Reply-To Remove email address from Documentation/filesystems/overlayfs.txt can-doc: Add missing semicolon to example
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See more details on the proper patch format in the following
+15) Explicit In-Reply-To headers
+It can be helpful to manually add In-Reply-To: headers to a patch
+(e.g., when using "git send email") to associate the patch with
+previous relevant discussion, e.g. to link a bug fix to the email with
+the bug report. However, for a multi-patch series, it is generally
+best to avoid using In-Reply-To: to link to older versions of the
+series. This way multiple versions of the patch don't become an
+unmanageable forest of references in email clients. If a link is
+helpful, you can use the https://lkml.kernel.org/ redirector (e.g., in
+the cover email text) to link to an earlier version of the patch series.
-15) Sending "git pull" requests
+16) Sending "git pull" requests
If you have a series of patches, it may be most convenient to have the