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* Merge "Build android.test.base/legacy against SDK"TreeHugger Robot2018-02-212-18/+5
| * Build android.test.base/legacy against SDKPaul Duffin2018-02-182-18/+5
* | Turn on DepAnn for test-base and test-runnerPaul Duffin2018-02-162-0/+9
* Merge "Pin jarjar targets to java_version 1.8."Tobias Thierer2018-02-071-1/+5
| * Pin jarjar targets to java_version 1.8.Tobias Thierer2018-02-051-1/+5
* | Correct inaccurate comments in build filesPaul Duffin2018-02-061-2/+2
* Create test-legacy/ for android.test.legacy targetPaul Duffin2018-01-301-25/+0
* Add android.test.legacy targetPaul Duffin2018-01-301-0/+20
* Use prebuilt android.test.base.jar for app buildsPaul Duffin2018-01-301-2/+7
* Replace legacy-test with android.test.base in bp filesPaul Duffin2018-01-151-1/+2
* Remove junit classes from legacy-android-testPaul Duffin2018-01-131-1/+1
* Added new android.test.base targetsPaul Duffin2018-01-123-42/+65
* Move legacy-test to test-basePaul Duffin2018-01-1235-0/+2888