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authorJared Henderson <>2019-08-21 22:37:59 (GMT)
committerLuca Stefani <>2019-08-23 10:32:33 (GMT)
commit42e8dd74cc067f3fb25572446e657fd8dc9d7436 (patch)
parentcc845e2b4d87171670e11198802b274a1bfa5fa0 (diff)
Update Xbox BT controller mapping to support upcoming controller firmware update
The Xbox controller (product id 0x2fd) is going to have a new firmware update this fall that sends a different keycode (316/BUTTON_MODE) for the Xbox button. The goal is to enable the Xbox button to make it to apps on all Android versions -- with our without a controller-specific key mapping file. Unfortunately, the new Vendor_045e_Product_02fd.kl key mapping file that was added to Android Q maps the pre-firmware-update Xbox key code (172) to BUTTON_MODE, yet it makes no mention of key 316. This results in apps getting a raw 316 scan code instead of a BUTTON_MODE KeyEvent when using a controller with the latest firmware on Android Q. The fix is to add an additional key mapping for 316 that *also* maps to BUTTON_MODE. With both mappings in place, both pre and post firmware-updated controllers will get the correct behavior for the Xbox button on Android Q. Test: AFAIK, no CTS tests exist for Xbox controller key mappings; we'll need to add some at a later date. I was unable to test this change because I'm unable to write to the system directory on any of my devices, but I know that mapping 316 to BUTTON_MODE will fix the issue. Signed-off-by: Jared Henderson <> Bug: 139372370 Change-Id: I8600ea79a0aa8557267d6ca712e5d56680e7a98b
1 files changed, 6 insertions, 1 deletions
diff --git a/data/keyboards/Vendor_045e_Product_02fd.kl b/data/keyboards/Vendor_045e_Product_02fd.kl
index 512f7e1..1b03497 100644
--- a/data/keyboards/Vendor_045e_Product_02fd.kl
+++ b/data/keyboards/Vendor_045e_Product_02fd.kl
@@ -53,5 +53,10 @@ key 158 BUTTON_SELECT
# Hamburger - 3 parallel lines
-# Xbox key
+# There are at least two versions of firmware out for this controller.
+# They send different linux keys for the "Xbox" button.
+# Xbox key (original firmware)
+# Xbox key (newer firmware)
+key 316 BUTTON_MODE