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AI 145053: add SVG to the browser [disabled by default]
To enable SVG, edit your to ENABLE_SVG:=true then make clean-libwebcore && make Some SVG functionality has been stubbed out in this checkin. //branches/master/android/build/ # edit - add ENABLE_SVG, commented out by default - fix up WEBCORE_INSTRUMENTATION define while I was in there //branches/master/android/external/webkit/ # edit - add ENABLE_SVG C define - add svg paths to C includes //branches/master/android/external/webkit/WebCore/ # edit - update merge tool rules - add svg to css property names, keywords, generated bindings - add svg names, element factory, wrappers - remove obsolete ksvgcssproperties.h - add XLinkNames, required by SVG //branches/master/android/external/webkit/WebCore/ # edit - update merge tool rules - add svg bindings, css svg parsing, svg rendering, svg engine //branches/master/android/external/webkit/WebCore/config.h # edit - leave ENABLE_SVG alone if it is already defined //branches/master/android/external/webkit/WebCore/loader/EmptyClients.h # edit - add some Android extensions as empty virtuals (EmptyClients is only used by SVG) //branches/master/android/external/webkit/WebCore/platform/graphics/android/GraphicsContextAndroid.cpp # edit //branches/master/android/external/webkit/WebCore/platform/graphics/android/PathAndroid.cpp # edit - add SVG graphics porting functions. Note the FIXMEs -- some are unimplemented. BUG=1474412 Automated import of CL 145053
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@@ -88,10 +88,16 @@ ifndef NO_FALLBACK_FONT
-# To enabled instrumentation in webcore based apps like gmail and
+# To enable instrumentation in webcore based apps like gmail and
# the browser, define WEBCORE_INSTRUMENTATION:=true
+# To enable SVG in webcore define ENABLE_SVG:=true
+ifndef ENABLE_SVG
# when the build system changes such that this file must be updated, this
# variable will be changed. After you have modified this file with the new