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Consolidate build system usage documentation into source control
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+# locate some directories
+cd "$(dirname $0)"
+cd ../..
+message='The basic Android build process is:
+cd '"${TOP}"'
+source build/envsetup.sh # Add "lunch" (and other utilities and variables)
+ # to the shell environment.
+lunch [<product>-<variant>] # Choose the device to target.
+m -j [<goals>] # Execute the configured build.
+Usage of "m" imitates usage of the program "make".
+See '"${SCRIPT_DIR}"'/README.txt for more info about build usage and concepts.
+Common goals are:
+ clean (aka clobber) equivalent to rm -rf out/
+ checkbuild Build every module defined in the source tree
+ droid Default target
+ nothing Do not build anything, just parse and validate the build structure
+ java Build all the java code in the source tree
+ native Build all the native code in the source tree
+ host Build all the host code (not to be run on a device) in the source tree
+ target Build all the target code (to be run on the device) in the source tree
+ (java|native)-(host|target)
+ (host|target)-(java|native)
+ Build the intersection of the two given arguments
+ snod Quickly rebuild the system image from built packages
+ Stands for "System, NO Dependencies"
+ vnod Quickly rebuild the vendor image from built packages
+ Stands for "Vendor, NO Dependencies"
+So, for example, you could run:
+cd '"${TOP}"'
+source build/envsetup.sh
+lunch aosp_arm-userdebug
+m -j java
+to build all of the java code for the userdebug variant of the aosp_arm device.
+echo "$message"