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* Merge "photophase: adjust number of lines for disposition summary view" into ...Jorge Ruesga2014-06-264-3/+6
| * photophase: adjust number of lines for disposition summary viewJorge Ruesga2014-06-254-3/+6
* | PhotoPhase: Fix typosMichael Bestas2014-06-261-2/+2
* photophase: cleanup GL resources in GLThreadJorge Ruesga2014-06-214-13/+38
* photophase: update stringsJorge Ruesga2014-06-211-6/+6
* photophase: restrict max value for background dimJorge Ruesga2014-06-211-0/+3
* photophase: remove unnecessary flagJorge Ruesga2014-06-211-2/+1
* photophase: force world redraw before put GLView in sleep modeJorge Ruesga2014-06-201-1/+5
* photophase: remove unnecessary callsJorge Ruesga2014-06-201-2/+0
* Update stringsAbhisek Devkota2014-06-201-23/+23
* photophase: fix proguard flagsJorge Ruesga2014-06-151-2/+20
* Update license headersJorge Ruesga2014-06-13120-123/+125
* Tweak layoutsJorge Ruesga2014-06-133-3/+7
* Use the new google overflow buttonJorge Ruesga2014-06-135-1/+0
* Notify data changed after return to albums viewJorge Ruesga2014-06-131-0/+1
* Integration clean upJorge Ruesga2014-06-132-2/+1
* Bump version (1.0.6)Jorge Ruesga2014-06-133-2/+12
* Handle back button on ChoosePictureFragmentJorge Ruesga2014-06-133-7/+86
* Reduce synchronized linesJorge Ruesga2014-06-131-34/+34
* Fix random disposition bugJorge Ruesga2014-06-131-0/+1
* Fix NPE from getActivity() callJorge Ruesga2014-06-131-8/+30
* Bump version (1.0.5)Jorge Ruesga2013-11-073-2/+12
* Use all space available of the screen on kitkatJorge Ruesga2013-11-072-3/+16
* Fix disposition view-in animation on aosp 4.4Jorge Ruesga2013-11-073-50/+14
* Add isValidFragment definition required by aosp 4.4 Jorge Ruesga2013-11-071-0/+8
* Fix NPE because mSrcView not being set until picture view is displayed Jorge Ruesga2013-11-071-1/+2
* Fix onDissmissListener for 4.0.3 devices (not supported as builder) Jorge Ruesga2013-11-071-2/+2
* Add READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE required by aosp 4.4Jorge Ruesga2013-11-071-0/+1
* Add missed filesJorge Ruesga2013-11-033-0/+162
* Bump version (1.0.4)Jorge Ruesga2013-11-031-2/+2
* Add changelog activityJorge Ruesga2013-11-036-6/+34
* Save dispositions when user press Ok button onlyJorge Ruesga2013-11-031-15/+22
* Dispositions templatesJorge Ruesga2013-11-0345-54/+13004
* Move mColorPicker code to src folderJorge Ruesga2013-11-0314-2056/+25
* Random dispositionsJorge Ruesga2013-11-0313-78/+515
* More resource cleanupJorge Ruesga2013-11-026-26/+0
* Do not break compatibilityJorge Ruesga2013-11-021-1/+1
* Use a resource time value instead of fixed valueJorge Ruesga2013-11-021-1/+1
* Multiples fixesJorge Ruesga2013-11-0268-1372/+1744
* Remove social stuff for nowJorge Ruesga2013-10-2730-66/+0
* Fix headers styleJorge Ruesga2013-10-2740-84/+83
* Remove original changelogJorge Ruesga2013-10-272-38/+0
* Returns as a CyanogenMod project. Update author and CopyrightsJorge Ruesga2013-10-27126-390/+391
* Remove web assets. Not needed in CM.Jorge Ruesga2013-10-274-0/+0
* Remove unused attributeJorge Ruesga2013-10-271-2/+1
* xxhdpi iconsJorge Ruesga2013-10-2621-0/+0
* Social icons and entriesJorge Ruesga2013-10-2623-0/+65
* Standardize return iconJorge Ruesga2013-10-263-0/+0
* Force redraw of frame when surface changed (if gl is in dirty mode)Jorge Ruesga2013-10-241-4/+8
* Fix effects FC when device don't supports preserve_egl_contextJorge Ruesga2013-10-242-2/+23