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Automatic translation import
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<resources xmlns:xliff="urn:oasis:names:tc:xliff:document:1.2">
<!-- Application name -->
+ <string name="app_name">Seleutor de fondu de pantalla</string>
<!-- Button label on Wallpaper picker screen; user selects this button to set a specific wallpaper -->
+ <string name="wallpaper_instructions">Afitar fondu de pantalla</string>
<!-- Error message when an image is selected as a wallpaper,
but the wallpaper picker cannot load it -->
+ <string name="image_load_fail">Nun pudo cargase la imaxe</string>
<!-- Error message when an image is selected as a wallpaper,
but the wallpaper cropper cannot load it. The user will
usually see this when using another app and trying to set
an image as the wallpaper -->
+ <string name="wallpaper_load_fail">Nun pudo cargase la imaxe como fondu de pantalla</string>
<!-- Shown when wallpapers are selected in Wallpaper picker -->
<!-- String indicating how many media item(s) is(are) selected
eg. 1 selected [CHAR LIMIT=30] -->
+ <plurals name="number_of_items_selected">
+ <item quantity="one">%1$d esbill√°u</item>
+ <item quantity="other">%1$d esbillaos</item>
+ </plurals>
<!-- Accessibility string used as a label for a particular wallpaper in the Wallpaper Picker list.
e.g. "Wallpaper 3 of 10" -->
+ <string name="wallpaper_accessibility_name">Fondu de pantalla %1$d de %2$d</string>
<!-- Accessibility string used to announce that a wallpaper has been selected. -->
+ <string name="announce_selection">Esbillaos <xliff:g id="label" example="Wallpaper 3 of 10">%1$s</xliff:g></string>
<!-- Label on button to delete wallpaper(s) -->
+ <string name="wallpaper_delete">Desaniciar</string>
<!-- Label on button in Wallpaper Picker to pick an image -->
+ <string name="pick_image">Les mios semeyes</string>
<!-- Option in "Select wallpaper from" dialog box -->
+ <string name="pick_wallpaper">Fondos de pantalla</string>
<!-- Title of activity for cropping wallpapers -->
+ <string name="crop_wallpaper">Recortar fondu de pantalla</string>
<!-- Title of toast shown when external storage permission is not granted -->
+ <string name="storage_permission_denied">Nun pue accedese al almacenamientu</string>
<!-- Displayed when user selects a shortcut for an app that was uninstalled [CHAR_LIMIT=none]-->
+ <string name="activity_not_found">L\'aplicación nun ta instalada.</string>
+ <string name="no_wallpaper">Ensin fondu de pantalla</string>