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* IMAP/POP accounts now draw borders around unloaded inline imagesJames Lemieux2014-10-021-1/+1
* Add null check in JS before replacing message bodyAndrew Sapperstein2014-09-301-2/+8
* Disable checkbox/radio boxes in forms.Ray Chen2014-09-221-1/+3
* Fix a typo in javascript.Ray Chen2014-09-161-1/+1
* Disable POST forms in mail content.Ray Chen2014-09-151-1/+23
* Fix inline images in EmailJames Lemieux2014-08-221-0/+5
* Remove above attachment promo. b/16138036.Andrew Sapperstein2014-08-081-5/+0
* Quantum CV - drafts. b/16138121Andrew Sapperstein2014-07-151-0/+10
* conversation footer b/15595931Andrew Sapperstein2014-07-031-3/+1
* Remove borders/cards from conversation view.Andrew Sapperstein2014-06-201-22/+1
* Don't convert to strings only to convert to int.Andrew Sapperstein2014-05-131-4/+4
* Save to drive promo. b/7659807.Andrew Sapperstein2014-04-221-0/+9
* Properly restore scroll position on K+ b/13333564.Andrew Sapperstein2014-04-151-1/+8
* Show quoted text should be auto aligned.Andrew Sapperstein2014-03-201-0/+1
* fix missing message text processing upon send (and as drafts mutate)Andy Huang2014-02-201-4/+10
* fix text sizing inaccuracy from 980px switchAndy Huang2014-02-111-2/+1
* Render conversations to 980px viewportAndy Huang2014-02-071-2/+16
* Delete dead code and two unused font files. \o/.Andrew Sapperstein2014-01-252-0/+0
* View inline images in photo viewer. b/5555553.Andrew Sapperstein2014-01-071-2/+16
* Delete dead code. b/11708307.Andrew Sapperstein2013-11-261-130/+0
* Print list of attachments.Andrew Sapperstein2013-09-2810-0/+0
* Use documentElement.scrollHeight unconditionally.Andrew Sapperstein2013-08-211-6/+2
* Fix b/10407366.Andrew Sapperstein2013-08-201-2/+6
* Conversation UI Visual Refresh: border fixes.Andrew Sapperstein2013-08-011-1/+23
* Properly Update conv when new message added.Andrew Sapperstein2013-07-291-2/+4
* Fix table-layout emails, blacklist transforms by sender domainAndy Huang2013-04-241-0/+2
* am 6a507c35: Merge "disable debug printing of message transforms" into jb-mr2...Andy Huang2013-04-221-9/+14
| * disable debug printing of message transformsAndy Huang2013-04-211-9/+14
* | undo the <td> transform if it didn't help at allAndy Huang2013-04-221-4/+21
* report transform results to the conversation fragmentAndy Huang2013-03-141-37/+89
* refine some transformation rulesAndy Huang2013-03-141-20/+36
* don't re-apply the class-adding transformsAndy Huang2013-03-141-0/+3
* remove the unpopular intra-word ruleAndy Huang2013-03-141-15/+0
* add <img> transform for readabilityAndy Huang2013-03-141-16/+65
* reverse ineffective HTML transforms, add aggressive <td> transformAndy Huang2013-03-081-18/+91
* start munging wide <div> and <table> elementsAndy Huang2013-03-081-9/+57
* make scroll position compensation more reliableAndy Huang2013-01-231-1/+5
* counteract jumping in CSS-based message zoomingAndy Huang2013-01-171-16/+35
* Set font sizes, colors, and types for subject/senders/ snippet. Set max lengt...mindyp2013-01-032-0/+0
* per-message zoom using JavaScript + CSS 3D transformsAndy Huang2012-12-131-0/+120
* Fix always show pictures for multi-message threadScott Kennedy2012-11-131-14/+17
* speculative fix for native WebView crashesAndy Huang2012-11-051-1/+0
* fix headers drawing mismatched with bodies upon send on tabletAndy Huang2012-10-251-0/+2
* process super-collapsed contentAndy Huang2012-10-241-14/+23
* optimize re-rendering a conversation for a single outgoing messageAndy Huang2012-10-231-0/+9
* disable zoom on empty-looking conversationsAndy Huang2012-10-161-2/+47
* toggle normalization & zoom on/offAndy Huang2012-10-141-10/+25
* When updating a message body, don't collapse quoted textAndy Huang2012-10-091-8/+14
* do not wait for DOM onload before starting content ready signalAndy Huang2012-10-081-18/+22
* coalesce image onload handlingAndy Huang2012-10-061-2/+33