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supporting swipable home screens on xlarge devices
- icons and widgets on home screens can be "dimmed" - celllayout no longer renders a dimmed version of itself, but instead its children make dimmed versions of themselves - celllayout no longer always takes up full size of workspace, in landscape mode neighboring screens (celllayouts) are visible - on xlarge devices, in landscape mode side screens are "dimmed" - moved holographic outline helper to its own file - fixed bug where mini-screens were still able to scroll left/right Change-Id: I9e85ab4147edfae1e7525c3d11d42be3fabf4f6d
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@@ -9,8 +9,8 @@
-keep class {
- public float getDimmedBitmapAlpha();
- public void setDimmedBitmapAlpha(float);
+ public float getBackgroundAlpha();
+ public void setBackgroundAlpha(float);
-keep class$Defines {