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Automatic translation import
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diff --git a/res/values-pl/strings.xml b/res/values-pl/strings.xml
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--- a/res/values-pl/strings.xml
+++ b/res/values-pl/strings.xml
@@ -148,6 +148,7 @@
dialog to bookmark the page that the browser is currently viewing,
though it is not currently being displayed, since they are viewing
the bookmarks screen. -->
+ <string name="current_page">z </string>
<!-- Confirmation dialog message confirming that the user wishes to delete
the bookmark they selected for deletion -->
<string name="delete_bookmark_warning">Usunąć zakładkę „<xliff:g id="BOOKMARK">%s</xliff:g>”?</string>
@@ -174,6 +175,7 @@
<!-- Menu item for saving link to homescreen -->
<string name="add_to_homescreen">Dodaj do ekranu głównego</string>
<!-- Menu item for saving a page for offline reading. This is a view-only snapshot of the page. [CHAR LIMIT=50] -->
+ <string name="menu_save_snapshot">Zapisz do czytania offline</string>
<!-- Dialog message that is shown while saving a page for offline reading. [CHAR LIMIT=50] -->
<string name="saving_snapshot">Zapisywanie…</string>
<!-- Toast informing the user that saving the page for offline reading has failed. [CHAR LIMIT=50] -->
@@ -246,6 +248,7 @@
<!-- Settings summary [CHAR LIMIT=50]-->
<string name="pref_content_open_in_background_summary">Otwieraj nowe karty za bieżącą</string>
<!-- Settings label [CHAR LIMIT=50] -->
+ <string name="pref_content_homepage">Strona domowa</string>
<!-- Settings label -->
<!-- Settings summary -->
<!-- Settings button label that to pick what to set the homepage to [CHAR LIMIT=40] -->