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Automatic translation import
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<meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no"/>
- <title>Incognito mode</title>
+ <title>シークレットモード</title>
<style type="text/css">body { margin: 0; padding: 1em; }</style>
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@@ -39,9 +39,7 @@
<strong>Je bent incognito gegaan.</strong>
- <p> Pages you view in this window won't appear in your browser history or
- search history, and they won't leave other traces, like cookies, on your
- device after you close the incognito window. Alle bestanden die u downloadt of bladwijzers die u maakt zullen worden bewaard.
+ <p> Pagina's die u in dit venster bekijkt worden niet weergegeven in uw browsergeschiedenis of zoekgeschiedenis, en zullen geen andere sporen, zoals cookies, achterlaten op uw apparaat nadat u het incognito venster hebt gesloten. Alle bestanden die u downloadt of bladwijzers die u maakt zullen worden bewaard.
diff --git a/res/values-es-rUS/strings.xml b/res/values-es-rUS/strings.xml
index 5a7df6e..0496468 100644
--- a/res/values-es-rUS/strings.xml
+++ b/res/values-es-rUS/strings.xml
@@ -364,7 +364,7 @@
<string name="pref_security_title">Seguridad</string>
<!-- Settings screen, section title [CHAR-LIMIT=50] -->
<string name="pref_privacy_security_title">Privacidad y seguridad</string>
- <string name="pref_privacy_security_title_summary">Configuración de seguridad y privacidad del navegador</string>
+ <string name="pref_privacy_security_title_summary">Ajustes de seguridad y privacidad del navegador</string>
<!-- Popup dialog -->
<string name="pref_select_items">Selecciona los elementos que deseas borrar</string>
<!-- Settings label -->
@@ -444,14 +444,14 @@
<!-- Settings screen, section title [CHAR LIMIT=50] -->
<string name="pref_extras_title">Avanzado</string>
<!-- Settings label -->
- <string name="pref_extras_website_settings">Configuración del sitio web</string>
+ <string name="pref_extras_website_settings">Ajustes del sitio web</string>
<!-- Settings summary -->
<string name="pref_extras_website_settings_summary">Configuración avanzada para sitios web individuales</string>
<!-- Settings label -->
<string name="pref_extras_reset_default">Restablecer valores predeterminados</string>
<string name="pref_extras_reset">Restablecer</string>
<!-- Settings summary -->
- <string name="pref_extras_reset_default_summary">Restablecer la configuración a los valores predeterminados</string>
+ <string name="pref_extras_reset_default_summary">Restablecer los ajustes predeterminados</string>
<!-- Confirmation dialog message -->
<string name="pref_extras_reset_default_dlg">¿Deseas volver a los valores predeterminados?</string>
<!-- Title for a group of settings -->
@@ -685,14 +685,14 @@ Deslizar desde el borde para explorar el historial.\nEsta característica puede
<!-- Add for download save path setting Feature -->
<string name="invalid_path">Ruta no válida</string>
<string name="path_wrong">Ruta errónea</string>
- <string name="pref_download_title">Descargar configuración de ruta</string>
+ <string name="pref_download_title">Descargar ajustes de ruta</string>
<string name="pref_download_path_setting_screen_title">Personalizar ruta de descarga</string>
<string name="download_timeneeded">Hora</string>
<string name="download_filesize">Tamaño</string>
<string name="download_filepath_label">Ruta</string>
<string name="download_edit_filename_label">Nombre</string>
<string name="download_no_enough_memory">No hay suficiente memoria para la descarga</string>
- <string name="download_settings_title">Configuración de descargas</string>
+ <string name="download_settings_title">Ajustes de las descargas</string>
<string name="filename_empty_title">El nombre del archivo de descarga está vacío</string>
<string name="filename_empty_msg">El nombre del archivo de descarga no puede estar vacío. Ingresa un nombre de archivo válido.</string>
<string name="unknow_length">Desconocido</string>
diff --git a/res/values-ja/strings.xml b/res/values-ja/strings.xml
index db93937..b4ce765 100644
--- a/res/values-ja/strings.xml
+++ b/res/values-ja/strings.xml
@@ -556,7 +556,7 @@
<!-- Message in the list of items which have received download requests
telling their status. This message states that the download has not
yet begun -->
- <string name="download_pending">ダウンロードを開始しています\u2026</string>
+ <string name="download_pending">ダウンロードを開始しています...</string>
<!-- The description of the suggestion that lets the user search the web for the query currently
in the text field. -->
<string name="search_the_web">ウェブを検索する</string>
@@ -570,13 +570,13 @@
<!-- Confirmation dialog when the user ask to clear all data for an origin -->
<string name="webstorage_clear_data_dialog_message">このウェブサイトによって保存されたデータをすべて削除しますか?</string>
<!-- String shown in a progress view while a video is loading, before it starts playing -->
- <string name="loading_video">動画を読み込んでいます\u2026</string>
+ <string name="loading_video">動画を読み込んでいます...</string>
<string name="website_settings_add_origin">新しいサイト</string>
<!-- Label for the menu item in the website settings activity used to clear data stored by all websites -->
<string name="website_settings_clear_all">すべて消去</string>
<string name="website_settings_clear_all_dialog_message">すべてのウェブサイトのデータと現在地情報の権限を削除しますか?</string>
<!-- Text in the progress dialog when we are setting an image as the home screen wallpaper. -->
- <string name="progress_dialog_setting_wallpaper">壁紙を設定しています\u2026</string>
+ <string name="progress_dialog_setting_wallpaper">壁紙を設定しています...</string>
<!-- The string that is displayed when there are no bookmarks to display.
This is centered in the middle of the screen [CHAR LIMIT=NONE] -->
<string name="empty_bookmarks_folder">ブックマークはありません。</string>