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* Merge branch 'cm-12.1' of git:// Kondik2015-10-182-26/+37
| * Add record time to details viewFlamefire2015-03-282-15/+13
| * Fix crash of gallery on showing detailsFlamefire2015-03-281-10/+23
| * Fixed NullPointerException when EXIF data is invalidUday Kiran jandhyala2014-11-041-1/+1
* | Remove dependencies on FloatMathNeil Fuller2014-10-023-11/+6
* Set default video quality to the highestDoris Liu2013-07-311-3/+0
* Added jpeg streaming classes.Ruben Brunk2013-07-114-0/+449
* Clean up camera switcherDoris Liu2013-06-241-3/+0
* Anchor camera controls when flipping deviceDoris Liu2013-05-031-0/+3
* Fix offset and ASCII type handling in exif.Ruben Brunk2013-04-252-6/+31
* Lock camera orientation using FW APIMichael Kolb2013-04-151-0/+3
* Merge "Use MediaMuxer for the video trim and mute." into gb-ub-photos-bryceztenghui2013-04-101-0/+4
| * Use MediaMuxer for the video trim and mute.ztenghui2013-04-101-0/+4
* | Added check to strip out uninitialized EXIF tags.Ruben Brunk2013-04-051-0/+16
* Merge "Speed improvements for ExifOutputStream." into gb-ub-photos-bryceRuben Brunk2013-04-022-3/+9
| * Speed improvements for ExifOutputStream.Ruben Brunk2013-04-022-3/+9
* | Cleanup sloppy memory handling in ExifOutputStream.Ruben Brunk2013-04-021-4/+3
* Use cancellationSignal only on API Level 16 and above.George Mount2013-03-151-0/+3
* Fix for crash upon saving imagenicolasroard2013-03-142-2/+4
* Exif parser modifications.Ruben Brunk2013-03-1411-1683/+3838
* Add sharing supportBobby Georgescu2013-03-081-0/+2
* Use cross fade rotation animationMichael Kolb2013-02-261-0/+4
* Fix exif data saving for picasa images.Ruben Brunk2013-01-162-3/+6
* add javadoc for ExifOutputStreamEarl Ou2012-12-191-0/+51
* add help function to decode user comment in ExifDataEarl Ou2012-12-191-1/+48
* add javadoc for Rational and IfdId in Exif packageEarl Ou2012-12-192-1/+16
* Replace original tags when add tags in ExifTagEarl Ou2012-12-191-20/+12
* Merge "ExifModifier" into gb-ub-photos-bryceAngus Kong2012-12-196-48/+308
| * ExifModifierEarl Ou2012-11-306-48/+308
* | Remove LongSpareArray + some cleanupsYour Name2012-12-111-368/+0
* | Add GLES20 canvas implementation.George Mount2012-12-051-0/+3
* Video: Fix crash in trimming/muting video in GB.Teng-Hui Zhu2012-11-161-0/+3
* use ExifReader in MediaDetailsEarl Ou2012-11-142-27/+9
* Use getValueAt() to read different data in ExifTagEarl Ou2012-11-143-62/+27
* Convenient function to add timestamp related exif tagsEarl Ou2012-11-071-2/+53
* Handle wrong thumbnail tag typeEarl Ou2012-11-071-0/+6
* Handle undefined tags and ignore copyright tag in exif testEarl Ou2012-11-073-123/+5
* Handle invalid offset value in ExifParserEarl Ou2012-11-072-17/+74
* Add API check for method announceForAccessibilityDoris Liu2012-11-031-0/+3
* Handle invalid data type in ExifParserEarl Ou2012-10-312-1/+18
* Handle images with multile APP1 in ExifParserEarl Ou2012-10-311-14/+19
* Handle the last null byte in Exif tag.Earl Ou2012-10-313-28/+75
* Do not use UTF-8 to decode string in ExifOutputStreamEarl Ou2012-10-311-4/+8
* Handle invalid offset size in ExifParserEarl Ou2012-10-241-3/+17
* Change the print format TYPE_BYTE of exifTagEarl Ou2012-10-241-1/+1
* Use 'US-ASCII' as the default charset for ExifParserEarl Ou2012-10-241-2/+2
* am bdc0f6f2: Merge "Move new exif lib to gallerycommon." into gb-ub-photos-ar...Hung-ying Tyan2012-10-2213-0/+3431
| * Merge "Move new exif lib to gallerycommon." into gb-ub-photos-archesHung-ying Tyan2012-10-2213-0/+3382
| |\ |/ /
| * Move new exif lib to gallerycommon.Hung-ying Tyan2012-10-2213-0/+3382
* | Drive GLRootView with ChoreographerJohn Reck2012-10-221-0/+3