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* Dialer lookup.Xiao-Long Chen2015-11-171-0/+1
Squashed commit of the following: commit 934fbc79312a7cb0a4bd821d80af3b87f27c5beb Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Sun Feb 23 14:33:41 2014 -0500 New API Change-Id: I0822407bb808382da56146ecf7e52cacb7cb8613 commit 4e81f04c716fead182cb453791d4a77f7eb54a89 Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Sat Feb 15 21:04:15 2014 -0500 My old email is gone Change-Id: Icfeccd195b9fbd269dc3400194dd42f215859049 commit 8a01ae35f9696275f1f156ea0486b1164a8d205e Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Sat Feb 15 15:12:55 2014 -0500 Dialer: Upgrade path for Google reverse lookup Change-Id: I9e02beff958ed529f2520ac7023730392500606a commit c0f2fae26eea774c1a5e5eae7d6ba97be32f16cc Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Sat Feb 15 13:38:56 2014 -0500 [1/2] Remove Google Reverse Lookup: Auth may violate terms of service Change-Id: I2055770a43163cb2020daec6707fd45f0577584b commit 8804367536eb38eb917c61172d9e4b6406b59c44 Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Tue Feb 11 19:11:10 2014 -0500 [2/2] Dialer: Add YellowPages Canada reverse lookup provider Change-Id: I07ca3932d024a5c834c25e23b2e16094ed1f974e commit cdf5c18588b4b0e2ed0f12b5912c7ae90b51120a Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Tue Feb 11 12:27:53 2014 -0500 Nitpicks. Change-Id: If8ce155246beb5395d81db8ab432046181b6d97f commit 79aeb53db82c75adbb90f8f152e5d66d95706314 Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Tue Feb 11 00:20:50 2014 -0500 [2/2] Dialer: Add WhitePages Canada reverse lookup provider Change-Id: Ie4d5302945c39efca9f4b5fbf6dee9a63ec24184 commit c6fe12ffe357f209c2723c2c16aa6b853494a477 Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Mon Feb 10 12:02:59 2014 -0500 Dialer: Use PackageManager to detect of Google Play Services is installed Change-Id: I7b39867c0e8ec79c6c02c731ac27f78663358910 commit 9787c0b312df649840b55fbd35f5a6d87fceb5bb Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Fri Jan 31 22:41:09 2014 -0500 Dialer: Add support for forward and reverse lookups Change-Id: I848db0bbbe6a648064d1eace4993814a16aa9fa0 Change-Id: Iec295b05d72680f770367fcaf1dae9ec68b3d6e9 commit 71b121d082d777e54f7fc02338b609cbfc31ff9c Author: Xiao-Long Chen <> Date: Sat Mar 22 15:32:10 2014 -0400 Dialer: Add support for OpenCNAM paid accounts Change-Id: I09c67eed706311a40569617980585a357f1d74aa commit 50cc4c8615d99e92a481981289ff9a7ec83b4c04 Author: Ricardo Cerqueira <> Date: Mon Jun 2 13:31:15 2014 -0700 ReverseLookup: Don't return OpenCNAM errors as caller IDs Skip the API entirely for non-US numbers, and ignore any non-200 bodies to avoid names of the "Limit Exceeded" variety PS2: Use constant from HttpStatus and don't check for null on normalizedNumber Change-Id: I1ea107ba828e6dba44fa0828ad5fedecb8faf4de commit 7fde43587525973b2172123c8696d06f2fd67e37 Author: Dan Pasanen <> Date: Mon Jun 2 17:08:18 2014 -0500 OpenCnameReverseLookup: fix import class Change-Id: Ib10877aecbdc1e07f8912e1ce35df6e8a112f131 commit 6605b6292df97b66785a06927d7bcd28c217d121 Author: Adnan <> Date: Tue Jun 10 19:02:33 2014 -0700 Chinese Location Lookup [1/2] Dialer: Chinese Reverse Lookup PS6: Add static integers for reference Change-Id: I22ede59cfa8785ac04ad1b1f19d1c69e24b9fb89 commit cff06b01e0a4c4487d69be7f21de1ddb7f663f38 Author: Danny Baumann <> Date: Wed Aug 27 09:04:14 2014 +0200 Add reverse lookup provider "Das Telefonbuch" (DE). Change-Id: I0ad72bb3e57da3d27fb1c50c58c112234c39b585 commit 887609d1f6d00d883783e9d03bf16b24e716e234 Author: Danny Baumann <> Date: Wed Sep 3 09:09:19 2014 +0200 Refine regexes for Das Telefonbuch. Looks like private and business numbers have a slightly differing format. Change-Id: I7eae982fe81cf890686f49b88417e604ba0171a0 commit e64d747e3ae87cc6ddf83b96882e7bcad6ebcd31 Author: Danny Baumann <> Date: Thu Oct 2 12:55:23 2014 +0200 Code cleanup. Avoid repetetive boilerplate code by using helper methods. Change-Id: Id3ce8d07d35d59c08cbc67fa35bbf6daa67c9608 commit c10bafdd9bab3af4e9dca4fae749fd0ab2202acd Author: Adnan <> Date: Wed Oct 1 17:13:14 2014 -0700 Dialer: Scrub debug logging for identifiable information. Change-Id: I2b45ec7c37a7f69c972feb3dde1eac87306259f6 Change-Id: I4445ac7a3aa7f60a912fe33dde1eac87306259f2 Move lookup settings to dialer app (2/2) Change-Id: I3d4da7cc1db60963b3e47370a36a6e839ec112d6 Make reverse lookup implement the phone number lookup interface (1/2) Change-Id: I35195d6c5a89cf22ac0f31d48e2ef89102a453c1 Add missing entry for 'Das Telefonbuch' reverse lookup. Change-Id: I4ab793d38ff9d9cf0d43130f31bff03f81b0b7b3 Added Reverse Lookup Gebeld (NL) Change-Id: Icc69b9aac2f50f54ab2a97365297620ccd547177