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* Enable Call Recording for Sri Lanka and Costa Rin2019-08-094-2/+66
* Automatic translation importMichael Bestas2019-08-0636-267/+1439
* Enable or disable call recording for numerous countries via MCC.Arekusu Rin2019-06-1283-111/+2427
* Automatic translation importMichael Bestas2019-03-10489-34577/+11703
* Automatic translation importMichael Bestas2018-10-1413-46/+351
* InCallUI: Keep button states in sync with call propertiesVasyl Gello2018-07-121-4/+3
* InCallUI: Refactor primary call info cardVasyl Gello2018-06-116-4/+244
* Automatic translation importMichael W2018-06-105-0/+50
* Fix incorrect number formatting in call stats details.Danny Baumann2018-06-031-1/+1
* Remove redundant layout item.Danny Baumann2018-06-031-9/+0
* InCallUI: improve in-call UI for different supported routesVasyl Gello2018-06-012-4/+46
* Dialer: Fix possible NPEMichael W2018-05-081-1/+4
* Automatic translation importMichael Bestas2018-05-0535-1/+124
* Automatic translation importMichael Bestas2018-04-19107-0/+122
* Dialer: comply with EU's GDPRJoey2018-03-314-6/+11
* Automatic translation importMichael Bestas2018-03-2724-135/+408
* Automatic translation importMichael W2018-02-1710-0/+81
* Automatic translation importMichael Bestas2018-02-0435-8/+2438
* Automatic translation importMichael W2018-01-13132-514/+2358
* Don't crash if Blocked Number Storage is disabledGabriele M2018-01-121-1/+9
* Dialer: Fix string issuesMichael W2017-12-301-2/+2
* Dialer: Fix translation issuesMichael Bestas2017-12-175-65/+55
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-12-16234-17/+20088
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-12-127-3/+592
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-10-2199-2/+286
* Squashed support for multilanguage T9 dialer (1/2)Flex19112017-10-1821-75/+3518
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-09-183-19/+70
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-08-044-2/+10
* Dialer: Provide upgrade path for removed lookup providersAlberto972017-08-021-1/+8
* Dialer: Fix compilation warningsMichael Bestas2017-07-281-2/+0
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-07-281-0/+1
* Dialer: Move padding from layout to spinnerLuca Stefani2017-07-241-4/+5
* BUGBASH-612: do not send phone numbers to non-ssl sites for reverse/forward/p...Tom Powell2017-07-2314-699/+11
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-07-223-11/+19
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-07-041-3/+3
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-07-013-65/+76
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-06-232-3/+3
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-06-013-0/+5
* Dialer: update fab color to match aosp primary colorJoey Rizzoli2017-05-282-1/+11
* Dialer: lock screen appear before incoming call screenLi Wei2017-05-191-1/+3
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-05-183-1/+68
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-04-283-1/+21
* InCallUI: Don't force enable the prox sensor for incoming callsGabriele M2017-04-252-2/+13
* Automatic translation importAbhisek Devkota2017-04-2014-3/+303
* Merge tag 'android-7.1.2_r2' into cm-14.1staging/cm-14.1_android-7.1.2_r2Dan Pasanen2017-04-0546-149/+149
| * Import translations. DO NOT MERGEBill Yi2017-02-0237-103/+103
| * Import translations. DO NOT MERGEBill Yi2016-11-0419-55/+55
| * Merge "Fixing display option for KO, JA, ZH" into nyc-mr1-devBrandon Maxwell2016-09-270-0/+0
| |\
| * \ Fixing display option for KO, JA, ZHBrandon Maxwell2016-09-271-4/+18
| |\ \
| * \ \ Fixing regression in AOSP CallDetailsBrandon Maxwell2016-09-271-0/+1
| |\ \ \