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* dtbhtool: Add LOCAL_MODULE_TAGS := optionalPaul Keith2017-01-162-3/+9
* dtbhtool: Rename unpackbootimg to avoid conflictsChristopher N. Hesse2017-01-081-3/+3
* dtbhtool: Split out dtimg componentsChristopher N. Hesse2017-01-085-232/+474
* dtbhtool: Move target defs to headerChristopher N. Hesse2017-01-082-25/+47
* dtbhtool: Fix missing PATH_MAX macro from limits.hChristopher N. Hesse2017-01-081-0/+1
* Samsung Exynos DTBH device tree supportKetut Putu Kumajaya2017-01-0816-5/+3965
* Add signature supportKetut Putu Kumajaya2017-01-083-1/+33
* Initial commit, from CM's system/coreKetut Putu Kumajaya2017-01-084-0/+640