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* Revert "allow override of cabc file via property"Zhao Wei Liew2017-01-311-4/+1
* cmhw: Add reading modeLuca Stefani2017-01-311-0/+2
* DisplayModeControl: Add null check to setMode()Kevin F. Haggerty2016-07-191-0/+4
* cmhw: Add DisplayModeControl supportZhao Wei Liew2016-07-101-0/+136
* hardware: Clean up CMHW and AdvancedDisplayZhao Wei Liew2016-07-025-140/+121
* cmhw: add SunlightEnhancement/MDNIE Outdoor mode supportSimon Shields2016-02-111-0/+89
* cmhw: Add touchscreen hovering supportFranco2015-02-061-0/+93
* AdaptiveBacklight: fix illegal value exception.repo Shareef Ali2014-12-271-1/+2
* samsung: hardware: Add HighTouchSensitivity classXiao-Long Chen2014-09-121-0/+93
* samsung: hardware: Set correct file mode for Java filesEthan Chen2014-09-111-0/+0
* Hardware: Samsung: simplify CMHW isSupported checkDave Daynard2014-08-192-12/+2
* allow override of cabc file via propertycm-10.2-M1sbrissen2013-10-281-1/+3
* vibrator intensity: disable tunable framework if not supportedDavid Daynard2013-08-251-1/+7
* samsung: hardware: add support for adaptive backlightDaniel Hillenbrand2013-08-211-0/+74
* Samsung: Add common class for vibratorShareef Ali2013-08-091-0/+94