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* Fixed invalid pdu issueHEADreplicant-6.0-0004-rc1cm-13.0Pengquan Meng2018-06-191-0/+29
* telephony: Remove leftover translationsAndreas Blaesius2018-06-112-73/+0
* SubscriptionInfoUpdater: Unbreak usage of TelephonyPluginreplicant-6.0-0003replicant-6.0-0002replicant-6.0-0001Ricardo Cerqueira2016-11-161-3/+7
* MSIM: Pass slotId to EVENT_SIM_LOCKED_QUERY_ICCID_DONESandeep Gutta2016-11-161-1/+1
* MSIM: Change access modifier of handleSimLoadedSandeep Gutta2016-11-161-2/+2
* properly check empty stringMarcos Marado2016-10-261-3/+1
* Don't send MMS reception notices to the wap push handlerRicardo Cerqueira2016-10-131-1/+1
* Telephony: Show the sender address of WAP push messageyanglv2016-10-042-3/+18
* Allow to define a default app to handle Wap PushMarcos Marado2016-10-032-1/+16
* CdmaServiceStateTracker: Load CarrierConfig for NV SubscriptionAaron Knight2016-09-191-0/+25
* Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r66' into HEADJessica Wagantall2016-09-071-1/+58
| * Do not allow premium SMS during SuWfionaxu2016-07-221-0/+6
| * DO NOT MERGE add private function convertSafeLablefionaxu2016-07-201-1/+52
* | Revert "Revert "Fix problem with cell data service after SIM swap""Vineeta Srivastava2016-09-071-6/+1
* | Telephony: fix SMS NPERoman Birg2016-09-021-1/+1
* | Skip unknown tags instead of aborting when parsing UICC TLV dataThomas Wendt2016-08-251-3/+6
* | Implement UICC TLV Data decoding.Shantur Rathore2016-08-202-28/+217
* | DCT: Tear down MMS+default connections raised by config_enable_mms_with_mobil...Ricardo Cerqueira2016-08-041-0/+3
* | Merge tag 'android-6.0.1_r61' into HEADJessica Wagantall2016-08-022-0/+12
|\ \ | |/
| * backport security fix: avoid set NITZ time to 2038fionaxu2016-06-242-0/+12
* | DctController: fix mismerge with getTopPriorityRequestPhoneId()Roman Birg2016-07-181-0/+12
* | GsmSS: Use per-slot resources for carrier-bound optionsRicardo Cerqueira2016-07-141-2/+17
* | Subscription updater: don't post messages on events in BroadcastReceiverAltaf-Mahdi2016-07-021-7/+9
* | TelephonyProvider: Add CDMA call forwarding/waiting functionkaiyiz2016-07-021-1/+32
* | dct: Sync with upstreamSteve Kondik2016-07-021-37/+35
* | MSIM: Send FINISH request on flex map START failSandeep Gutta2016-07-021-4/+9
* | Set additional info for LaunchBrowser error case.Umashankar Godachi2016-07-021-0/+7
* | Telephony: Reduce back to back same APN activation delay.Yashdev Singh2016-07-021-1/+1
* | Fix emergency ims pdn setup issueSusheel nyamala2016-07-021-0/+4
* | Fix ims pdn issue on non dds sub on iwlanSusheel nyamala2016-07-022-1/+5
* | Fix to resolve data call issue for sim hot swap caseRavindra2016-07-021-8/+8
* | Notify disconnect on phone disposeRavindra Thattahalli Javaraiah2016-07-022-0/+12
* | Use EVS codec for HD if carrier supports it.Dheeraj Shetty2016-07-021-5/+38
* | Fix Dds switch issue for wifi and IWLAN scenariosSusheel nyamala2016-07-022-2/+28
* | Fix to avoid unnecessary PS attach.Ravindra2016-07-022-3/+17
* | Fix ims pdn request issueSusheel nyamala2016-07-021-1/+1
* | Parse the record number from byte to intYujing Gu2016-07-021-8/+10
* | Finer grained character boundaries in computing SMS fragment lengthspengfeix2016-07-021-1/+20
* | MSIM: Use SIM specific subId for setMccMncSandeep Gutta2016-07-021-2/+5
* | IMS: Fix phone app crash at setOutgoingCallerIdDisplay().Suchand Ghosh2016-07-021-2/+1
* | Fix DDS switch issues for CDMA and IWLAN scenarios.Muhammed Siju2016-07-022-1/+24
* | Add the slot id when broadcasting card state to STK app.Yujing Gu2016-07-021-1/+2
* | Fix default data reset issue on device powerupSusheel nyamala2016-07-021-4/+8
* | Send shutdown command to modemWileen Chiu2016-07-023-2/+13
* | Telephony: CDMA: allow MT SMS when in ECBMHuaibin Yang2016-07-021-17/+0
* | IMS: Exit ECBM before dialing a pending non-emergency MO callSuresh Kumar Sugguna2016-07-021-4/+42
* | IMS: Fix null pointer exception for call forwardingBenergy Meenan Ravuri2016-07-021-1/+4
* | Setup data on new APNs only when APN changesSukanya Rajkhowa2016-07-021-3/+4
* | MSIM: Fix ECBM dialog issue in G+CSandeep Kunta2016-07-021-2/+2
* | Do not set "gsm.operator.idpstring" per phoneIdRichard LIU2016-07-021-3/+2