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* Fix a typo in gai4_ih264_max_luma_pic_sizeMartin Storsjo2015-10-091-1/+1
* Mark arrays of pointers as constMartin Storsjo2015-07-312-4/+4
* Remove all other thread implementations than pthreadMartin Storsjo2015-06-251-368/+0
* Don't declare variables after statementsMartin Storsjo2015-06-253-16/+22
* Remove some unused source files and headersMartin Storsjo2015-06-252-287/+0
* arm: Use vqmovun instead of vqshrun #0Martin Storsjo2015-06-251-8/+8
* arm: Use unified syntax, ldrsheq instead of ldreqshMartin Storsjo2015-06-252-2/+4
* armv8: Use the cmn instruction instead of doing cmp with negative valuesMartin Storsjo2015-06-251-3/+3
* armv8: Remove redundant NEON element size declarationsMartin Storsjo2015-06-2511-93/+93
* Remove the ithread_exit functionMartin Storsjo2015-06-252-33/+0
* Added support for Main Profile toolsets in encoder.Harinarayanan K K2015-06-253-6/+9
* SSSE3/SSE4 Intrinsics OptimizationsNaveen Kumar Ponnusamy2015-06-258-425/+223
* Fix a typo in gas_ih264_lvl_tbl, set proper sizes for level 1.1Martin Storsjo2015-06-031-2/+2
* Multithreading changes and better error resilienceMarco Nelissen2015-06-038-10875/+9374
* Resolved warnings and fixed alignment of few assembliesHarish Mahendrakar2015-05-0546-927/+353
* fix file permissionsLajos Molnar2015-05-05120-0/+0
* Fixed few issues seen in CTS testsHarish Mahendrakar2015-05-051-1/+1
* Initial versionHamsalekha S2015-04-02120-0/+76864