a graphical application that makes it easier to manage WiFi connection on Replicant phones, using an external dongle.

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RepWifiApp is free software, released under GPLv3. Copyright 2017 Filippo "Fil" Bergamo.

All icons and images included in RepWifiApp are licensed under: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license and are Copyright 2017 Filippo "Fil" Bergamo.

RepWifiApp icons are a derived work from the original Replicant logo. The Replicant logo is Copyright 2011 Mirella Vedovetto, Copyright 2012 Paul Kocialkowski

RepWifiApp is developed as a contribution to the Replicant Project.

It aims to provide a user-friendly graphical access to Libre WiFi connectivity.

It exposes basic functions to search for available netwroks and conenct to them.

Thank GNUs:

  • Tibi "tct" Turbureanu: for having done the initial job of porting libre WiFi to Replicant 4.2.

  • Wolfgang Wiedmeyer: for porting libre WiFi to Replicant 6.0 and for helping with the scripts.

To report on bugs, request features, or any help request, please refer to:

Replicant's Forum: "http://redmine.replicant.us/boards/9/topics/14079"

Compiled APKs are released in the same page linked above. APKs are signed with this GnuPG key:


Owner: Filippo Bergamo (AKA Fil)

Fingerprint: 2D36 719C A4B8 3C7A DD9D 33AE A02A 2F68 CD07 CEAD